Jun 8, 2013

Father's Day Cards

Last month I shared my favourite Mother's Day Cards, and today it's all about those special dads. Whether you want to buy a card or make one yourself, I've rounded up my favourite ones to make your search a little easier.

1) Spider Killer: This one definitely applies to me, I'm petrified of creepy crawlers!
2) Favourite Child: Parents say they love us all equally, but...
3) Sugar Paper: You must check out their website. These are my favourites from their collection.
1 | 2 | 3
4) How To Drive: I'll never forget the night before my driving test. My dad took me out to practise my parking...it was a good idea (haha). Thanks daddy, I'm a pro now :)
5) You Are My Father: For the Star Wars fans out there.
6) You're The Bomb: Featuring the beloved retro red, white, and blue popsicle. Gotta love a good pun!
7) Bowtie: Simple, Classic and Cute.
8) Owl Card: Inside reads 'You are! Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I love you!' This one's a cute for little kids to give.
9) Best Dad in 3D: Put those glasses on and make the words pop off the page!
10) Working Dad: Love the illustration on this one! Does it remind you of someone you know?
11) DIY Typography Glasses: Minimal but super cute! I love how it looks folded up and put in an enveloppe. You can get the template here.
12) Grillmaster: Is your father a master of the grill? This one's for you!
See any great cards around the web? Let me know in the comments below!

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