Aug 5, 2014

Gold QR Code Necklace

We're all familiar with QR codes, right? They are are often seen in magazines or on billboards, but did you know that you can get it on jewelry? Thanks to Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry, now you can! Finally, jewelry that is as tech savvy as you are :) What's great is that you can place a hidden message that can only be revealed by scanning the bar code. I decided to put one of my favourite phrases / reminders, "GOOD VIBES ONLY" and on the flip-side, it says Alyssa. Some of the other ideas I had were: chill out, trust your gut, be brave, and call your mom (ha! seriously considered this one). Special thanks to Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry who provided me with this special and personalized piece. I can't wait to wear it and surround myself with... good vibes only ;) What would YOU put in a hidden message?

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