Apr 25, 2013

FitBark: Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

Ever ask yourself: 
How is my dog doing right now? 
What time did he go for a walk? 
Did my friend really walk him or has he been lazying about it? 
Did my dog get enough activity today? 
What is he doing when he's home alone? Is he sleeping? 

These are questions that led to the creation of FitBark, a small device that clips onto your dog's collar to track their daily activity. This is especially useful when you're not home or traveling. You'll be able to see exactly how much exercise your dog is getting, and more importantly, if it's enough. The FitBark calculates your dog's daily activity and transfers it to your smartphone or 'home base' station that is placed in your home. You'll also be given a daily BarkScore for the day which basically let's you know if you dog met his daily goal. The FitBark comes in 5 colours, is water resistant and only weights .022 lb.

Watch the video below to see it in action:

What do you think? Would YOU get a FitBark for your furry friend? It seems like a good idea...I hope my Jesse is getting enough exercise :) 

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