Jun 18, 2013

Let's Stay Home

...because there's no place like it.

I love going out, but over the past few years I've really just accepted that I'm a bit of a homebody. I strongly believe that everything in life should be done in moderation so staying home all the time is definitely not a healthy choice, but it's O K A Y to enjoy it! Sometimes I find I have to push myself to go out and I'll be happy I did...but other times I'd really rather stay home and be cozy! Do you prefer a nice evening at home over going out? Do you ever feel guilty for being a bit of a homebody? 

If you're sometimes a little unsure that your choice to be a homebody is not mainstream enough or you feel a little defensive about preferring a cozy night-in to a night-on-the-town, it's time to reclaim a little pride in your homebody status!

For a good laugh:
19 Signs You're A Homebody, here.

On a more serious note:
How To Be Proud Of Being A Homebody, here.

Any homebodies out there? Or crazy party animals? What's your ideal night?
I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I can totally relate, I love staying home :)

  2. Hi Alyssa! It absolutely goes both ways for me, but lately I can't get enough of staying in! I do have to say that sometimes I wonder if I am being too lazy, but ultimately when I am home and am busy doing things here and there, and I am just so happy in the end. Why not enjoy the comfort of our homes? There are definitely days though when I NEED to go out and super socialize, but for the most part I am liking easy, quiet, home alone time ;)

  3. Alyssa | techlovedesignJune 20, 2013 at 3:24 PM

    Thanks for sharing, I totally agree!


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