Apr 22, 2013

My Home Office

I've shown you mac offices, spoken about what it's like to work from home, and now it's time to share what my own home office looks like. Here are my 'Top 10 Desk Goodies': 1) Flowers (I try to switch them up as often as possible, I find it refreshing and uplifting) 2) Canvas Painting of Jesse (my precious pup who was featured in the oh-so-popular From a Dog's Perspective) 3) Bkr Bottle (I forget to drink throughout the day so keeping a cute water bottle nearby helps remind me) 4) Pink Ion Phone (I'll plug this into my iPhone whenever I have a meeting as it keeps things clear. I also find it more comfortable to use while trying to type and talk at the same time) 5) HOLD SHIFT Mousepad (I won this mouse pad at Blogshop for having one of the top instagram pictures of the class. All around good vibes) 6) iMac & Mouse (duh) 7) Colourful Pens (I like colour coding when I write..plus it keeps thing's pretty!)  8) iPad (good for multitasking) 9) EOS lip balm (there's nothing worse than having chapped lips, it's also really fun to put on...and it's minty fresh) 10) Notebook (lately I've been writing 'to-do' lists when I feel overwhelmed. I find it super helpful in staying organized and being productive)

Well that's it! 

What are some of YOUR must-haves on your desk? Let me know in the comments below :)

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