Mar 7, 2013

The Mac Office

Whether you work at home or at an office, your workspace is super important. What do you have on your desk? On the walls? Is your chair comfortable? Setting up the perfect workspace can actually be really challenging. If you're like me, and you work on the computer for hours and hours, you'll agree that the most important piece in your 'workspace' is your computer. I grew up using a PC but in High School switched to a pretty white Mac laptop. I've never gone back. I've turned into one of those 'Apple Lovers'. Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, the list goes on. I truly love their products for their functionality but especially for their gorgeous looks. Am I superficial? As I was putting together some of my favourite offices, I noticed a common theme: Mac computers. For this reason, I shall call this post: The Mac Office. Enjoy!

1. Kelle's office from Habitat & Beyond. I love the colour palette of her office. Soft & Girly. How cool is that fuchsia tipped deer head? I'm no deer lover, but it looks really cool. The fur chair looks super cozy too. Well done Kelle!
work apple computer
2. Simple & Clean. I love the deskpad by Burning Love. It's made of felt which is mouse friendly (goodbye mousepad) and the leather strap is great for holding random little notes & cards. The flowers are pretty too but we all know that's just there for the photo.
mousepad apple computer
3. This gorgeous office belongs to Danielle Moss (co-founder/editor of The Everygirl). She's got a nice colour theme of blacks, whites, pinks & gold. I love the iPhone holder she has, the wallpaper and that D mug (from Anthropology). She keeps a pad of paper next to her computer which is actually really important! Sometimes when you need to jot something down real quick, it's actually faster to grab a pencil and write it by hand than to open a program to type it. The lit candle & flowers give it a nice girly & spa like feel. It's important to feel good when you're at the office, and I would definitely feel good working here!
imac computer work
4. This office is so WHITE and clean. I love the wood floors & the little cozy sofa at the back. It's key to have a place to go to when you need to stretch your legs and get out of that chair. I also like the idea of having a place for your guests to sit. Even if you don't have visitors often, having those extra chairs around gives you a sense of authority.
clean work space
6. I love this. I know it's a little masculine but the dark colours & crisp set up just makes me feel like I'd get some serious work done. This picture is also just really well taken. (haha)
imac macbook
7. I know, I know, it's a bit too purple. I do however like the set up. Great storage, funky chairs, big desk to share & a nice modern feel. I also like how the chairs are facing the windows, not only do you get a view but you won't get the sun glaring on your screen. (That's the worst!) There's even nice slide down shades. Overall it's cozy, modern & purple.
imac work desk
8. This office belongs to the incredibly talented Jen Ramos. (Blogger at MadeByGirl & Painter at Cocoa&Hearts) The gorgeous painting on the wall is actually made by her. This office follows the theme of many of the offices that I like: white, pink & a gorgeous iMac. I personally don't love working against a wall but with a pretty painting, I could get used to it. Those flowers don't hurt either. For those of you who want that awesome 'time' screensaver, you can get it here. It's a must have, you're welcome.
painting imac computer
9. Back to dark colours, I'm loving this office. There's a cool vibe to it with the black walls, that chair & hangers as..well hangers! Many of these desks have a lettered mug on them & I'm happy to say I just bought one with the letter A. See it here.
imac work desk
10. Mellow Yellow! This office belongs to Jessica (Blogger at KeyToMyTart). The colours are so soothing & it gives off a vintage but modern vibe. Love that cozy looking chair. Great to take a break on or for a guest. I have that POP handset that attaches to your iPhone & I love how she hung it on the wall. Why didn't I think of that? It seems like a silly accessory, but trust me, it's extremely useful. I only give out my cell number & when I have a business meeting over the phone, it feels wrong talking on my cell. It also takes away the static & keeps things clear. Yellow is not my favourite colour, but her office seems really bright and cheerful. Great job Jess!
yellow work office imac

Well, that concludes my Mac Office picks! Until next time. Which office was your favourite? Have you seen any other beauties? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @techlovedesign


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love them all. I'm totally about to pin like three of these...

    This is an amazing blog. : ) I also write about fashion and tech, so I'm happy I found another blog semi- in my niche!! woo too! Keep up the awesome work.


    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :) I'll make sure to check yours out as well.


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