Mar 22, 2013

Fancy Friday: Pink Hearts and more

Fancy: "to take a liking to"
As a Social Media Manager, I spend hours on end scouring the web and falling in love with so many different things that I come across. Sometimes these 'things' don't fit into any category but are uniquely wonderful on their own. Whether it's a beautiful design, a cool product or a website that is worthy of sharing, Fancy Friday is a weekly round-up of those 'things' I fancy.
pink hearts
Here we go:

1) Post-It Big Pads: Post-It Notes have been around for ages and are super useful, but sometimes too small. The Post-it Brand from 3M just announced the launch of 'Big-Pads' and I love it! They're great tools for creatives, students, business professionals and more. They'll come in 3 large sizes (11x11, 15x15, 22x22) and fun vibrant colours. Each pack contains 30 sheets and have a sticky back just like the original Post-Its.big pads
2) French Fry Cone & Dip: The ultimate accessory for french fries. Place your fries in the large compartment and your dip in the small one and you're all set! If you're trying to stay healthy, you can put veggies & dip. ($5.99)cone dip
3) Pistol Heart Print: Love this! Available in many sizes & print
4) Star Baby Wrap: Ahh this is just too cute. I don't have a baby yet but I sure would wrap her in this! It's made of soft fleece with a cute tassel hood & blanket stitch finish. It's easy to slip on (no buttons or zips) making it great when you're in a rush. (Available in different colours, $80)fleece star
5) Hello-Kitty Ice Cube Tray: For the ultimate fan. Made from eco-friendly silicone material. ($7.06)ice cream tray
6) Clumsy Coaster: Last week we looked at the Toast Coaster, and this week, things are getting a little messy! The Clumsy Coaster looks like a spilt drink, quite funny! It's made of soft, transparent plastic and is waterproof. (2 for $12.90)clumsy coasters
7) Let Them Eat Cookies Canister: Perfect for storing cookies & treats. I love it's soft feminine look and how it encourages cooking eating. Yum! (Made of tin, removable lid $14.99)cookie canister
8) Bkr Bottle: I love my Bkr! These fun coloured bottles are made of glass and have a protective silicone sleeve around it (hello awesome grip). It's FDA approved, BPA-free and phthalate free. Plus, you'll be saving the planet by leaving those plastic water bottles behind. They are quite heavy though so I don't recommend using it as your 'travel' 
bottle (ps. it's pronounced beaker, $28)water bottle
Have you seen any cool things around the web lately? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @techlovedesign.

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