Mar 11, 2013

Words at Home

Little billboards, playful pillows & more, today's post is all about adding fun wordy items to your home.

1) WordBiLLY (typography turned sculpture): Do you know what a BILLY is? It's kind of like a billboard, only little. This series of word sculptures are all made by hand & painted in cute colours. They offer a great way to show your love for a city or to simply add some typography lovin' to your walls. Want to customize your own? Click here.
typography billboard 2. Scrabble Pillows: Here's a fun take on the classic board game. Use your imagination and enjoy mix & matching these playful pillows for any room in the house.  

3. Hand Stamped Silverware: How fun & adorable are these? Made by Milk & Honey Luxuries, you can find a large selection on their Etsy shop. All of their silverware is created using FDA & NSF approved 'Food-Safe' methods, (meaning you can actually use their pieces & not just display them).
Awesome Sauce.

4. Decals: Decals have been around for a while but have become really popular lately. What are they? Think of them as venyl stickers that can be applied & removed without causing any damage to the surface. 
Walls, tiles, bathtubs, floors, mirrors, furniture, glass, smooth surface can escape the sweet decal sticker. Since they are super easy to come off, there is no permanent commitment that needs to be made. I'm loving these home decals,they add such a fun & creative touch:
Label your Jars | Decals Sayings

Which of these are you loving? 
Know of any other great word products for the home? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @alyssaleibner.

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