May 19, 2013

Fancy Friday: Signatures, Bath Tubs and more

As a Social Media Manager, I spend hours on end scouring the web and falling in love with so many different things that I come across. Sometimes these 'things' don't fit into any category but are uniquely wonderful on their own. Whether it's a beautiful design, a cool product or a website that is worthy of sharing, Fancy Friday is a weekly round-up of those 'things' I fancy.

Here we go:

1) HoodiePillow: This is perfect for airline travel, road trips, napping and anyone looking for a little privacy or shut-eye no matter where they are. The adjustable drawstrings can be pulled to create eye coverage providing you with the ultimate cocoon! It reminds me of the Ostrich Pillow but a little more discrete.
2) I'm Sorry Card: After all..."You're not you when you're hungry" - Snickers
3) Custom Signature Necklace: A completely custom, one-of-a-kind symbol of your identity right on your neck. You can choose to wear your own, or that of a loved one. Kind of cool, right? Available in stainless steel, silver, and gold dipped.
4) Football Chair & Ottoman: Designed specifically for your little sports fan. Cute.
5) A Beautiful Mess: The BEST photo editing app ever :) Okay maybe not for it's filters, but for its extra goodies. See a full review here.
6) Clear Whirlpool Bath Tub: Includes 22 air jets with 4 pressure settings to provide relaxing and rejuvenating hydromassage therapy. Also comes with a touch-sensitive, user friendly interface that allows you to easily operate the bathtubs jets, inline heater, digital sounds system and the ability to set different lighting schemes to match your mood.
7) Alison Braided Bracelet: I found this little gem this week while I was in Toronto. A little expensive for what it is, but I love the way it looks with my Fresh Tangerine bracelet.
8) Merci Beaucoup: Say 'Thank You' with a French flair!

Have you seen any cool things around the web lately? Let me know in the comments below.
PS. Sorry I'm 2 days late on this week's Fancy Friday :P

1 comment:

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