Mar 5, 2013


It's no secret that Instagram has taken the world by storm, inspiring people from all over the world to snap pictures, add filters & share away. Companies have also joined in on the fun, whether it's Facebook buying them for a cool billion dollars, or others who are developing products for this little free but oh so powerful app. Today's post is all about the products that enhance our #instalife.

1. Instagram Socialmatic Camera: It's time to fill the gap between the virtual & real world. With the Socialmatic camera, you'll be able to snap photos, share them with your social networks and have the ability to print them. Polaroid meets Instagram...I love it! Little details that matter: It will have 16GB of internal mass storage with WiFi & 3G connectivity, as well as a SC-HD slot for external storage. Hitting shelves early 2014, we'll have to wait for the price.

2. Softcover Instagram Book: These softcover book are designed with your Instapics in mind. Simply upload your photos, choose different layouts and have them printed. (Available in 2 sizes, 40 pages, starting at $10.99)
3. Projecteo: It's time to go old school! Turn your Instagram photos into teeny tiny slides & project them onto a screen. Slide film doesn't have pixels, meaning you get beautiful images from a device the size of a matchbox. This project was a huge hit on Kickstarter and got their funding goal in under 24 hours! 4. Instacube: A digital photo frame with your Instagram feed! Once you log in, photos from your Instagram feed will be pushed to the screen immediately (using wifi). The top button allows you to switch between viewing your own photos, photos of friends or even a specific hashtag. Next time you throw a party, place the Instacube in a main area & have all your guests use the same hashtag while they're at the party. Facebook photos have also been integrated into the system & speakers are on their way.
5. Casetagram: Want to turn your pictures into an iPhone case? Now you can. Snap it, place it, and case it. This website is super easy to use and offers tons of layouts to choose from. There's even an app available so you could create & customize on the go.  
Have you seen any other cool Instagram products? Which of these would you have to get? Let me know in the comments below or via Twitter/Instagram: @techlovedesign

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