Oct 4, 2013

Fancy Friday: Pillows, Pasta and more

As a Social Media Manager, I spend hours on end scouring the web and falling in love with so many different things that I come across. Sometimes these 'things' don't fit into any category but are uniquely wonderful on their own. Whether it's a beautiful design, a cool product or a website that is worthy of sharing, Fancy Friday is a weekly round-up of those 'things' I fancy.
1) Girl/Boys Only Cushions: These are a cute addition to any room that you want off limits to the opposite sex :) They are currently sold out but I will notify you when they are available again.

2) Plate Dip Clips: The soft grip material securely clings onto the rim of any plate (set of 4, assorted colours). Perfect for guacamole, salsa, dressings and dips. One of my favourite snacks is dipping celery in peanut butter so this gadget would totally come in handy! Only $9, here.

3) Watch Cufflinks: This one's for the dudes...or girlfriends who need a gift idea. These black faced designer cufflinks are totally cool (but a little pricey, $170). Get them, here

4) Cuddle Mattress: This one is designed for the snuggly couples out there! I wonder if it's actually comfortable. It looks a little weird but it's a cool concept!

5) Sound Asleep Pillow: Connect your music to your...pillow? Yup! There's a built in speaker that can be heard but not seen (or felt). I'd love to try this out! Get it, here.
6) Personalized Word Search Print: Combine the classic word game with some design and you've got yourself a fabulous gift idea. Available framed, unframed or printed on a soft cushion. Get it, here

7) Walnut, Parsley, and Parmesan Linguine: This has my name written all over it. Get the recipe, here.

8) Postmodern Jukebox: I discovered these guys this week and I can't stop listening to their vintage covers! These two are my favourite ones, but you can see them all, here
Which are your favourites from this week's Fancy Friday? Let me know in the comments below :)

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