Sep 27, 2013

Fancy Friday: Tech Edition

As a Social Media Manager, I spend hours on end scouring the web and falling in love with so many different things that I come across. Sometimes these 'things' don't fit into any category but are uniquely wonderful on their own. Whether it's a beautiful design, a cool product or a website that is worthy of sharing, Fancy Friday is a weekly round-up of those 'things' I fancy.

1) Coffee Cup Power Inverter: Low on battery? (always) Charge your phone or any device on the go with this coffee cup (or you could just buy a car charger haha). It's designed to fit perfectly in your cup holder and it could be yours for $40, here.

2) Notification Memo: Let's face it, nothing catches our attention faster than that little notification badge on our phone. Now you can turn any item into an app with pending updates! With the BIG BIG PIXEL's Notification Memo, you can leave yourself messages anywhere you want. Simply write on the back and stick it on. This is so nerdy-cute, I love it. Get 135 notes for $10, here.

3) Keyboard Coasters: It's better to spill on this keyboard coaster than on your real keyboard. Get a set of 4 for $24, here.

4) Just My Type T-Shirt: I like you. Get it, here.

5) iPhone Wall Clock: Make your iPhone larger than life with this app-inspired clock. Made of glass. Get it for $115, here. (See more cool clocks, here.)

6) Google Monopoly: YES! Designed by James Belkevitz, this Monopoly's got it all; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Wait...dude, where's Instagram? See more, here.

7) Gold Happy Plugs: Add some bling to your outfit with these gold earphones. Get them for $29.99, here. (Also available in real 18 carat gold for a whopping $14,500, here.)

8) #Hashtag (featuring Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake): If you have not seen this yet, watch it now. It's hilarious. #hilarious. 
Make sure to let me know what you loved from this week's round up :) Happy Friday! XO
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