May 7, 2013

Turn Yourself into a 3D Paper Doll

Have you heard of the service called Foldable.Me? It allows you to customize your own 3D paper doll... and I'm guilty of trying it out :) To get started, you must first design your 'mini me' on their website. They allow you to customize the hair, eyes, face shape, skin colour, clothing etc. It was super easy to use and was delivered pretty quickly. Check it out:

1) Boy or Girl?

2) Customize your doll

3) Twirl your doll to make sure it's juuust right

4) Bring your dolls to life! It seems a little intimidating at first, but just follow the directions.
Pop it out. Fold the edges. Slot it together.

5) Ta-Da! You now have little mini dolls :)

This would be a cute 'place setting' idea. Create paper dolls that look like your guests and have them waiting for them at their seat. Since the big square head is empty, you could even drop a few candies inside. (skittles, smarties, etc.)

It's a little silly I know, but I'll have fun with them by randomly placing them in odd places just to make my boyfriend laugh. (in the fridge, on his keyboard etc) They ship worldwide so each and every one of you can get one. What do you think? Would YOU make a paper doll? Let me know in the comments below :)

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