Jan 5, 2014

Create NEW Habits with LittleBit

Let's face it, with a new year comes the desire for a new and improved self. Why not form some great new habits this year with the help of LittleBit. A newly released app that helps you set goals for yourself while encouraging you to complete them.
LittleBit helps you do ONE thing consistently until it's a habit. That's it. Most people try to change too much at once. They soon get overwhelmed and give up. By choosing one thing and doing a little bit each day, you will find that it's easy to create whatever habit you want!
Now available in the iTunes App Store, LittleBit is a must-try app with a beautiful interface. Hurry! The app is on sale during the first week of the new year ($1.99). Get it, here.

What new habit will you set for yourself? Get some ideas from my 30 Day Challenge, 
hereWatch the video to see the app in action: 

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