Apr 5, 2013

Fancy Friday: Slippers, S'mores and more

As a Social Media Manager, I spend hours on end scouring the web and falling in love with so many different things that I come across. Sometimes these 'things' don't fit into any category but are uniquely wonderful on their own. Whether it's a beautiful design, a cool product or a website that is worthy of sharing, Fancy Friday is a weekly round-up of those 'things' I fancy.
Here we go:

1) Macbook Lazerwood Keys: Want to bring the beauty of walnut wood to your keyboard? Now you can! It's compatible with all Macbook Pro models.

2) Leather & Felt Laptop Bag: I bring my laptop with me everywhere, so coming across great laptop bags are always exciting for me! I love the combo of leather and felt, especially when its anti-piling AND water-repellent. This bag fits laptops up to 15-inches and has lots of room for other necessities. Ideal.

3) Duvet Slippers: Everyone should own a pair of these. It's like walking on clouds!

4) Unzipped Glass Snack Bag: A plastic bag turned into glass. Perfect for Skittles, Jelly Belly's or any other yummy snack.

5) Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Toaster: S'mores anyone?

6) Laptop Mount: I've shown you ways to clear those cords on your desk, but what about your actual laptop? This ingenious rack allows you to mount a laptop or external drive to the rear of your monitor. NEED THS!

7) Kiss Stamp: Seal it with a kiss!

8) Cuisinart Popcorn Maker: I recently started using this machine and I love it! It makes up to 15 cups of fresh, hot popcorn in under 3 minutes without any oil or butter. It's great to be able to decide how much butter or salt you want on your popcorn...plus, it's red :)

Have you seen any cool things around the web lately? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @techlovedesign.

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